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Los Angeles Punk Rock

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Edward has created 20th Century Icons with his photos. Colver is best known for his early punk photos. The moments he captured on film will live on as icons not only because of the vision of the photos themselves, but because they eloquently document the birth of punk music, fashion, art and lifestyle in Los Angeles. This web site presents punk rock photography from the photographer who defined the style.

Edward has defined punk photography and continues to leave his mark on music. He has been shooting photographs for over 35 years and never ran an ad, never solicited work, never published his phone number and uses funeral sympathy cards with his information stamped on them for “business cards.”

His work was featured extensively in the film and the book “American Hardcore”. For Licensing and other inquiries: Please email: peopleofedwardcolver@gmail.com

“The Eye of Punk”
Aesop Decker

“As many of you know, punk and hardcore changed my life by showing me that through resourceful independence people can build their own scene and be creative on their own terms. Edward Colver shot some amazing photos of the hardcore scene and one became the cover for Steven Blush’s excellent book “American Hardcore”. Anyone who cares about the influence of indie music should check him out.” Shepard Fairey

“The reason so many people consider Edward Colver the photographer of note of that era is that his photos, besides documenting the people and the milieu, are informed by Colver’s transcendent artistic vision as a photographer. That is why so many of his images of that scene at that time have become iconic touchstones.” Richard Vidan

Edward colver

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